A tryst behind the roadhouse, out at the edge of the bayou. Contemporary urban swamp boogie with punkish vocals and a ghostly rap. (Add'l percussion by Kurt Schnyder and Michael Bay.)
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November 20, 2003
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TK Major © 2000, TK Major
Story behind the song
A funky swamp of a song with rolling breakbeat, a punkish chorus, a ghostly rap and a strange after-midnight interlude by the lagoon behind the roadhouse... bring your galoshes. guitars, keyboards, vocals: TK Major congas: Kurt Schnyder add'l percussion: Michael Bay
Pretty Little Head Babe I've been alone for such a long time this loneliness is tearin' me apart I've got pain in my head and a fire in my loins and a whole lot of empty in my heart... ...your leg touches mine beneath the table I feel your hand slide up my thigh I feel kinda dizzy I feel kinda high I feel like I'm gonna die If you had a thought in your pretty little head then maybe we could talk But today we're alive tomorrow we're dead so I think right now we better rock [Excerpt] [ more music | | messages ]