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'The Governator' sings about the joys and pitfalls of going without underwear. This is a parody of 'Fernando' by ABBA.
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October 19, 2007
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Rick Cormier
Story behind the song
Arnold sings about freedom.
(Your underclothes, give them to me, dickwad!) Have you ever gone "Commando"? Have you ever just gone wild and left your underwear at home? There is danger in "Commando" For a zipper could get caught on something tender, make you bawl It could ruin you for months But, isn't freedom worth the risk of losing all? Lose the boxers, go "Commando" Take your fruit out of their looms, you're OK without BVDs Trash the briefs and go "Commando" (Hasta la vista, underwear) Nothing now to crush your grapes Into a pulp and make you whine And there's no "fly-fishing" done At urinals when sets of garments don't align I am flopping in the air tonight To left and right. "Commando" There is little now confining me Ah, liberty! "Commando" Though, at first, I thought it might be weird, There's no regret It's a feeling you won't find again I tell you men, "Commando" It's a feeling you won't find again Come on, be men, "Commando" (As usual, after the mission is over, you will have to be debriefed.) I'm a rebel, I'm "Commando" The missus says it's nice to have it now so close at hand But I can't control "Old Rambo" There are times when she will scowl at me and flash the evil eye She can see too easily it pleases me Each time a pretty girl walks by I'm forgoing underwear that's tight That wedge, that bite, "Commando" There is nothing now beneath these jeans But Frank and beans, "Commando" Oh, I'm never wearing skivvies now There's no regret Sometimes hear when I am wearing shorts "What's that thing, Sport?" "Commando" When shorts hang too loosely ‘round my legs "Sausage and eggs", "Commando" They are lying there for all to see I'm wild, I’m free, "Commando" Oh, I went and emptied out my drawers There's no regret Sometimes when I get excited there's A lot of stares "Commando" Hey guys, if women can show off their boobs Roll out your tubes "Commando" (Fade out slowly in the end like underwear do)