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October 14, 2008
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Gord Lang © Gord Lang
Story behind the song
When the words of this song began to play in my mind, my thoughts naturally turned to the most beautiful person in my life – and the joy and exhilaration of the love that we share as husband and wife. But as the song progressed, I realized that it was, more specifically, an expression of the love-relationship that every believer in Christ can share with the One who is the object of our purest affection.
When I wake up in the morning You’re beside me And I wonder at Your beauty in the dawn Then I listen to Your promise on the gentle breeze of life And I find the strength I need to carry on With the sorrow of the past forever gone (And) Most of all it’s in the knowing that You love me That Your hand is there to help me if I fall When You wrap Your arms around me as I face another day Then I realize I love You most of all I remember rugged pathways where You led me When the raging storm was threatening my soul As I stumbled in the darkness then I heard Your soothing voice Reassuring me that You were in control You were willing, Lord, to touch and make me whole (Yet) Most of all it’s in the way You stood beside me You were always there to help me when I call Though at times the fears surrounded, like the fury of the sea It was then I knew I need You most of all Help me tell the world the story of Your mercy How You paid their debt to rescue them from sin That there’s freedom for the prisoner and release for the oppressed There’s an open invitation to come in To the only Place where New Life can begin (But) Most of all they need to know they’ll be forgiven That Your hand is there to help them when they fall And no matter where they wander from the shelter of Your love It’s Your mercy that they’re needing most of all