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February 07, 2013
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Gord Lang © Gord Lang
How many times have I come to You with all my troubles and fears When I don't have anywhere else to turn You're the only one who hears There's never a hint that I'm bothering You with all of my petty affairs I always feel I'm important to You in spite of my worries and cares I'll never quite understand just why You love me the way that You do No matter how often I stumble and fall You never say that we're through And considering all of the blessings You give – there's only one thing I can say It's because of Your love that my life keeps getting better and better (and better) each day The sun was hiding behind the clouds when I woke up today But after I spent a moment with You the storm started rolling away Then it wasn't long 'til Your rainbow of love spread across the clear blue sky And I heard the hope that only You can give in the voice of Your tender reply Now I'm not going to say that I haven't a care as long as I'm following You If I told how the troubles surround me each day it couldn't be any more true But even the burdens and troubles of life are rapidly drifting away And the nearer I get to the end of all things – it keeps getting better each day