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Phillip Sanders "Another You"
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February 04, 2011
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Story behind the song
So, where is God in all of this? Doesn't the Word say He's supposed to be there when I need Him? I tried to think of a concrete answer for her that didn't infringe on the trite or the conjectural. I couldn't deny that it was a valid question that deserved an honest answer – still I found it hard to formulate a definitive reply. As I pondered it throughout the day I found myself reviewing my own life experiences, and realizing, once again, how blessed I was to have Someone to whom I could turn in my times of testing by fire. The fact that I had survived was no credit to my own spirituality. It was due entirely to the sustaining power of a loving, omnipotent God who will not allow me to be tested beyond what I am able to endure. My spirit swelled in renewed gratitude for the spiritual refuge that He has provided when the enemy of my soul has so relentlessly pursued me with the temptation of isolation and bitterness.
Well You told me that the way would not be easy But You said You would be there to hear my cry Now I know You're all I'm needing when my world begins to crumble I can rise on wings of eagles when the mountain seems so high When there's no more tears to cry – You are my comfort When there's no more strength to try - I feel Your power When the brooks have all run dry it's Living Water that I long for When I'm looking for a refuge – then Your name is my Strong Tower And You said You'd never leave me feeling lonely Though my friends may all forsake me – You'd be true And I've felt Your arms around me even in my darkest hours When there's no one else to listen I can always turn to You Now You said You'd be the Rock that I could build on When the waters wash away the shifting sands Still I know that when the storms of life attack my weary soul Then the raging of the tempest must submit to Your commands