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There is some hooky rockabilly guitar on this, but when the guitar ride comes in it gets into no mans land. The ride was composed of my practice guitar licks that I wanted to make into an instrumental. After I worked it out I had an after thought of
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Blues - Country Blues
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November 03, 2014
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3:17 minutes
Slacker G © G A Luke
Story behind the song
This began as a Rock A Billy instrumental, so the fun parts are in the ride between the verses. As I was working out the lead riffs, I found that it would be better with some lyrics. So I wrote a few and tacked them onto the instrumental. When I recorded this I had the TV on. It was so loud that gunshots and sirens from a police chase were as loud as the vocals in sections. I chopped the vocal track to remove most of them, but I also chopped off the end of some words. I re edited the vocal track to repair them.