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Rock - Punk
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139 songs
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April 09, 2017
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steve Lieberman © 2017,2009
a brother sold as a slave prime minister rises from the dungeon cave a Prophecy-of ugly cows and grain from a Prophecy: one million saved. THE INIQUITY OF THE AMO'RITES NOT YET FULFILLED THAT WILL TAKE ANOTHER 400 YEARS DIASPORA ALONG THE RIVER NILE FROM SLAVERY: A NEW NATION IS REDUCED TO TEARS a clan numbering 67 becomes a Nation 10, 000-fold implied threat to Pharoah's horde "Build me pyramids!" no straw will be doled. The Miracle of Redemption series of plagues numbering ten the Sea of Reeds is divided Pharoah's hordes lie beaten Freed from the Egyptian Diaspora we'll be slaves many times for our sins 40 years to die in the Desert/ a Chosen Nation He will always forgive.