Blues-Rock with slide guitar. This ode to the struggling artist is very much autobiographical! PRO RECORDING
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Pop - Pop Rock
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February 22, 2004
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Evyn Charles © Evyn Charles
My hair is thinning And what I’ve got left is turning gray No fashion magazine Would put my picture on display I’m over thirty And you’ve never heard of me But I’ve been working hard doing this For as long as I recall When I was a young man Some used to say I had it all No, I haven’t been lazy But you still haven’t heard of me Fame and Fortune They’re always around the next corner Some say I should quit I’m not getting any younger But you know, that don’t work for me at all ‘Cause I’m not in this for the money Maybe that’s why you’ve never heard of me! SOLO I’m over thirty I ain’t got a whole lot to show for it The road has been long But every step of the way was worth it And something must be working ‘Cause you’re still listening And now you’ve heard of me!