Feeling the pain of a separation after many years of marriage and raising children. Classic Country feel in the vein of George Strait, Alan Jackson, Eric Church. PRO RECORDING
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March 17, 2015
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Hey bartender, hit me again Take the edge off of this pain I’ll just sit right here and be no trouble Alright buddy, make this one a double Me and my woman had a fight I won’t be going home tonight After 14 years and raising kids I didn’t want it to end like this; so; Hit me again Go ahead and hit me again I can feel nothing but the pain So, go ahead and hit me Hit me___ again Hey bartender, whatever that was Keep’em coming, I needed that I’m not leaving here anytime soon Not when I’m sleeping in a motel room I guess I’ll need a good attorney Say, do you happen to know any? Never mind, pay no attention I’m just drinking myself into oblivion; so; Hit me again, etc… It must be getting to closing time Do me a favor and call me a cab And if it’s not too much to ask Lie to me and say I’ll be alright; and; Hit me again, etc…