Fast Latin-Reggae dance anthem about never giving up on your goals. Sung from the perspective of a beach volleyball player. PRO RECORDING
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Pop - Beach
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May 06, 2014
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Evyn Charles © Evyn Charles
You look on the surface and all you see Is the sun and the sand and the hard body But inside my heart and mind It’s more than just a game to me I’ll never quit, I’m playing to win I might get knocked down but I’ll get up again I'm pushing obstacles out of my way I’m not just playing this time I’m playing to win, I’m playing to win! La, la, la… I’ve got brothers and sisters on every beach The One Love is never out of reach Working on their serve Or riding on the surf In the name of Sublime and Bob Marley And all of the giants that came before me I’m dedicating this song So their spirit will live on I’ll never quit, etc… My training has been relentless Now I’m taking on the best in the business I play this ball like an instrument I can make it do whatever I want There’s no weakness in my defense I’ve got supreme confidence I tune out the announcer on the mic Like a tiger-shark, I’m ready to strike Over the net and spike! SOLO I’ll never quit, etc…