A song of longing and loss
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March 04, 2018
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© David Rice & John Vaughan
Story behind the song
The song was produced by Mike Zaneski who also does the vocal
WHERE ARE YOU? V She could count her lovers… on one finger of her hand and when he left her lonely... she tried to understand... He always had this wanderlust... yet she knew some day he'd drift back on a gypsy wind… it had always been that way. V Her daydreams fused with memories... of the passion in their hearts she hated speculation... their words like poison darts. Then weeks turned into months... and his letters were so few and when she read each one out loud... her heart said, “Where are You?” Is this the day he'll come back home… believing it was true... I know you're out there somewhere… Please tell me, where are you? tell me where are you.. B In the fire… embers flicker… last dance before they die… she finished off her coffee… looked out at the sky… then climbed those stairs of solitude… who'd hold her when she'd cry. V She cried into the lonely night… tell me… where are you? Then sobbed until her pillow… was wet like morning dew. When Angels watching from above... would wipe her sad eyes dry… on mystic wings they flew with her... then each morning said goodbye... V They soared above the valleys… then followed mountain streams… until they reached that place… where he still held her dreams. And when her eyes would open… as each morning's light was new… She held onto his pillow… and whispered, “Where are you?” V She'd walk along the shore..  looking out at sea he was like the ocean's ebb and flow… always wild and free but some day soon he'd come back home just like he's done before He'll hear the beating of her heart… as he's walking through the door.