Dark and moody Americana about the desire for revenge.
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Country - Americana
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140 songs
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March 19, 2018
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Vic Arnold © 2018
If I had a gun. ©2018 Vic Arnold Ch. If I had a gun I would shoot you down. Give you back the pain I'd spit upon your face if you came around Take back the shame V1 Crouching in the shadows, hiding in the night Your pathetic thrill What makes you think that you got the right to those few dollar bills V2 Knocking at the door, smile on your face You creep on through Vague resemblance to the human race It's a natural way for you Ch. V3 Scammers in your mail box. Scammers on the phone. Send details to this link A disgraced prince from an outlaw state Something about him stinks V4 Before you die you'd write a short note and take the blame Then pin it onto your blood stained coat and bleed your life away Ch.