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Acoustic - Folk
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264 songs
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July 05, 2009
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david rovics © 2005 all rights reserved
I came here to write something else But then I got distracted Sensory overload Now my thoughts are all impacted You're all dressed in black From your shoulders to your feet But you put your hand upon my arm Such a friendly way to greet Your blonde hair's in a bun There are glasses on your face They don't seem to match your studded belt But you wear all of it with grace You're moving back and forth But for a second you stand still And I just feel the fluster Then I feel the chill (Chorus) The tattoos sparkle on your arms and on your neck I think I can hear them call And I just want to see them all Are you always like this With your eyes all a-glow Somehow each stud upon your belt Says this might be so Was there a moment you decided To become a work of art Was it a way to lighten A darkness in your heart (Chorus) I guess I won't see you Once I leave here today I guess we'd never meet Any other way I don't think you like folk music You won't be coming to my show I'll just leave a tip upon your counter It's probably time that I should go (Chorus)