Some thoughts on how life could be different.
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Acoustic - Folk
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May 23, 2005
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Story behind the song
Some thoughts on how life could be different.
It was a time I'll always remember Because I could never forget How reality fell down around us Like some Western movie set And once the dust all settled The sun shone so bright And a great calm took over us Like it was all gonna be alright That's how it felt to be alive After the revolution From Groton to Tacoma On many a factory floor The workers talked of solidarity And refused to build weapons of war No more will we make missiles We're gonna do something different And for the first time Their children were proud of their parents And somewhere in Gaza a little boy smiled and cried After the revolution Prison doors swung open And mothers hugged their sons The Liberty Bell was ringing When the cops put down their guns A million innocent people Lit up in the springtime air And Mumia and Leonard and Sarah Jane Olson Took a walk in Tompkins Square And they talked about what they'd do now After the revolution The debts were all forgiven In all the neo-colonies And the soldiers left their bases Went back to their families And a non-aggression treaty Was signed with every sovereign state And all the terrorist groups disbanded With no empire left to hate And they all started planting olive trees After the revolution George Bush and Henry Kissinger Were sent off to the World Court Their plans for global domination Were pre-emptively cut short Their weapons of mass destruction Were inspected and destroyed The battleships were dismantled Never again to be deployed And the world breathed a sigh of relief After the revolution Solar panels were on the rooftops Trains upon the tracks Organic food was in the markets No GMO's upon the racks And all the billionaires Had to learn how to share And Bill Gates was told to quit his whining When he said it wasn't fair And his mansion became a collective farm After the revolution And all the political poets Couldn't think of what to say So they all decided To live life for today I spent a few years catching up With all my friends and lovers Sleeping til eleven Home beneath the covers And I learned how to play the accordian After the revolution