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April 13, 2018
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Harmony vocals - Janice Merritt
Working On My Broken Heart Maybe some nails and a hammer Or paperclips and glue I'm trying my best to remember But i aint got a clue Need to think this through so i can make a start Gotta get busy Working on my broken heart I might try a little whiskey Though it hasn't worked before Or something just as risky Like that blonde standing by the door Just give me some time to figure out all these parts I'll think of something Working on my broken heart Working on my broken heart Trying to find that spark How do you gather,something so shattered Like a puzzle in the dark I'm doing my best Working on my broken heart Might be a piece missing here or there But i think i can make it work It needs to feel like somebody cares To find its way out of this hurt Might have a chance if i can catch this thing off guard At least it's a plan Working on my broken heart (chorus)