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Choose a **free download** when you join The Rosinators' mailing list Tradtional song first recorded by Clarence (Tom) Ashley in 1930 and covered by Dylan on his 'Self Portrait' album in 1970.
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Country - Americana
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15 songs
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November 13, 2007
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trad arr. The Rosinators © trad.arr The Rosinators (PDC Music)
Story behind the song
Traditional appalachian murder ballad, first recorded
by Clarence (Tom) Ashley in 1930, which tells the
story of Lee Brown from North Carolina.

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Little Sadie lyrics and song history
Little Sadie trad.arr The Rosinators Went out last night for to make a little round I met Little Sadie and I blowed her down Went back home and I got into bed Forty-four smokeless under my head Woke up next mornin' bout a half past nine The hacks and the buggies all standing in line Gents and the gamblers all standing around Taking Little Sadie to her burying ground And I got to thinkin' what a deed I done, I grabbed my hat and away I run. Made a good run, but a little too slow, They overtook me in Jericho. I's a standing on the corner reading the bill When up stepped the sheriff from Thomasville, Said, "Young man, ain't your name Brown? Remember that night you blowed Sadie down." I said "Yes Sir, my name is Lee, I murdered little Sadie in the first degree, First degree and second degree, If you got any papers, won't you read 'em to me?" They took me downtown and dressed me in black Put me on a train and they sent me back Crammed me back into the Thomasville Jail Got no money for to go my bail The judge and the jury they took their stand The judge held the papers in his right hand Forty-one days, forty-one nights Forty-one years to wear the ball and stripes Forty-one years to wear the ball and stripes see Little Sadie lyrics and song history