Trad Folk Song. Attempt at arranging it for Tanglewood TW133 guitar on rhythm, TW133 on lead, Contyrman Uke Bass and Ashbury Mandolin. Vocals and guitar played live onto portable recorded then other tracks added in DAW.
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February 19, 2017
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Trad arr Mark Patterson(Viking Blues) © Public Domain arr Mark Patterson
Story behind the song
This song appeared on an album by Mr Fox, a short lived 2 album group. Their treatment of this song was great, though mine is nothing like it. The song seems to have been covered by everyone. Including Pentangle, Mr Fox, Nickel Creek, Joan Baez, Bob Dylan, Doc Watson, Buffy St Marie, Cara and Pete Seeger. All quite different to each other.
"Well met, well met, said an old true love. "Well met, well met, said he. "I have just returned from the salt, salt sea. "And it's all for the love of thee." Come in, come in, my own true love, And have a seat by me. It's been three-fourths of a long, long year, Since together, we have been. "I can't come in and I can't sit down, "For I've only a moment's time. "They say you're married to a house carpenter, "And your heart will never be mine. "I could have married a King's daughter, fair, "And she would have married me, "But I have forsaken her crowns of gold, "And it's all for the love of thee." "Now you forsake your house carpenter, "And go along with me. "I'll take you where the grass grows green. "On the banks of the deep blue sea." Then she picked up a darlin' little babe, And kisses, she gave it three. Saying "Stay right here, my darlin' little babe, "And keep your pappa company." They had not been on the ship two weeks, I'm sure it was not three, Till his true love began to weep and to mourn, And she wept most bitterly. Sayin': "Are you weepin' for my silver and my gold." Sayin': "Are you weepin' for my store? "Or are you weepin' for your house carpenter, "Whose face you'll never see no more?" "A curse, a curse to the sailor," she cried. "A curse, a curse," she swore. "You robbed me of my darlin' little babe, "That I shall never see no more." They had not been on the ship three weeks, I'm sure it was not four, When there came a leak in the bottom of the ship, And sank them for to rise no more.