nuthin' like a good ol' fashioned murder ballad, eh?!
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Country - Americana
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26 songs
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June 28, 2016
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Ellen Moseley
Story behind the song
have no idea where THIS came from! never wrote sucha thing before....
Don’t You Go I . The day was hot, that old sun beatin’ down I was running errands for my Ma comin’ back from the grocery toting a big ol’ sack in each arm he pulled up beside me as I walked down the road “say can I help you with your heavy load?” he looked a little shady, truth be told but I stepped in for a ride CHORUS: oh, don’t you go go off with somebody you don’t know II. I says to him, “you’re not from here” “no, I’m just passing through, my dear” “you sure are pretty, that much is clear” ‘twas then I smelled the whiskey on his breath “my Ma’s expecting her groceries soon you can let me off up ahead” “no, I don’t think so, pretty girl…. you and me gonna have a lil’ fun instead” CHORUS III. that milk did shake and those eggs did crack when he threw me down upon my back and commenced the brutal attack that would take my tender life CHORUS IV. so all you girls you best beware them tales about a stranger are true look behind the smile and you’ll see a stare that reveals what he’d like to do to you CHORUS x 2