When I'm in Bed With You
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This is a simple love song that basically says it all.
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May 08, 2019
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Phil Berbig © 2019 Phil Berbig
Story behind the song
I set out to write a sweet love song for my wife and somehow ended up with this one. I stand by it.
Well sometimes I wonder why I even want to watch the news My Facebook feed just makes me mad and fake news makes me blue And sometimes I wonder why I even want to leave the house When you're still in be, why the hell am I going out When I'm in bed with you, the sun is brighter, the sky is bluer too When I'm in bed with you, I feel happy and there's nothing I'd rather do, than be in bed with you When I think of all those terrorist guys who just want to blow things up Or that guy in N. Korea who could use a new haircut If they had someone just like you waiting naked in their be each day All those evil thoughts would fade and this is what they's say