Held You From the Start
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I wrote this for all the parents who only get to see thier kids every other weekend. And it is for the kids who never really get to know thier parents.
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May 07, 2011
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Phil Berbig © 2005 Phil Berbig
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My daughters were over for the every other weekend visit and the more I talked to them the more I realized they really had no idea who I was. They knew i was their father of course, but I felt very distant to them. It made me think of all the things in their lives that I would miss because, even though I saw them a lot, I was not living with them.
I've loved you for so many years I made you laugh and I dried your tears I held you from the very start As you grew up we grew apart There's nights I just lay in my bed While midnight thoughts go through my head I wish you know just who I am I am not someone just for weekend fun Girl, I'm your dad I wish I could have lived with you And watched you coming home from school I bet you were pretty on your first date I'd have shook his hand and said, "don't be late!" Parents find, sometimes Life doesn't work out the way we want it to And it hurt you, but it's killing me too.