Alien Love Slave
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July 30, 2009
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John Lathrop © 2009 John Lathrop/Plaid Records
Story behind the song
The warmth of your sun would melt anyone from my land ... this fragile land. But what I would do to be there with you and hold your hand ... your purple hand. But I would disintegrate; I would evaporate. I love you, can't you see? Darling, I think that you love me because you're probing my ass; you're not a doctor, but you're in my ass. Oh, yes, you're hurting me; I'd rather hurt than feel nothing. And when I look in your eye -- your big, emotionless, black, empty eye -- I see myself, my whole life, loving you. I will be true forever with you; I'm in your control ... in your control. One day you'll find -- beyond your mind -- you have a soul. When will that day arrive? Will I still be alive? I love you, can't you see? Darling, I wish that you loved me, but I can see that you can't figure out what in the sh** I am babbling about. Oh, it turns out I was wrong -- you were a ROBOT all along. And though you can't ever love me 'cause you don't have the ability, I will be happy to be your robot love slave.