Countdown To Insanity
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The latest insanity from The Coffee House Band
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January 10, 2012
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SteveStrummerUK, Phil Doyle & Ed Kocol © 2012 - The Coffee House Band
Story behind the song
The Players: Vox: Philz Rhythm Guitars: SteveStrummerUK Lead Guitars: Grant Starr Bass Guitar: Ed (Bapu) Kocol Sitar: Ed (Bapu) Kocol Synths: Alex the Kook, Philz Drums: Ed (Bapu) & Jason Kocol Honorable Mentions: #1 Intro: (0:00 - 0:26) – Philz #2 Harmony Solo: (0:36 - 0:45) - Strummy #3 Main solo: (3:45 - 4:11) - Grant #4 Synth Motif: (5:18 - 5:26) - Alex #5 Sitar Motif: (5:26 - 5:41) - Ed #6 Outro solo: (6:06 - 6:33) Grant
Verse A: Something's going on inside of my brain From moment (to moment) I don't feel the same (the same) I can't seem to find Where I left my mind Everything is changed They're saying I'm deranged Verse B: Life is just getting scarier Crossing over the barrier I'm in an uncharted area Give me that needle I'm daring ya As a child, I was precocious Then they said that I had a neurosis Tried everything, even hypnosis Now they're saying it's a major psychosis Pre-Chorus: Time is slowing down almost to crawl Scared like a child lost in the mall Fell like just another brick in the wall Am I somewhere or nowhere at all Teetering, tottering ready to fall Go to visit Alice down the rabbit hole Chorus: Is this my countdown to insanity Where I lose my pride and vanity Everything is unraveling On my countdown to insanity Bridge (Asylum): Somebody wake me up tell me I'm dreaming I hear doors slamming and I hear people screaming Nurses chained me up on a sofa Turned on the TV and made me watch Oprah Then they all laughed as they gave me injections Said I just needed some time for reflection Please Dr. please. Someone please. Help me please. Help me please HELP ME!!!!!! Main Solo: Repeat Verse B: Repeat Pre-Chorus: Repeat Chorus: Synth/Sitar Solo: Please Dr. please. Someone please. Help me please. Help me please HELP ME!!!!!! Outtro Solo: