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A foreboding tale of an ancient prophesy about to come to fruition.
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January 25, 2011
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Ed Kocol/Steve Strummer © The Coffee House Band 2011
Story behind the song
We are also incredibly proud to formally introduce two new members to our ranks: • Phil “Philz” Doyle - who has kindly offered to step into Space Cowboy's ample boots during his absence - we hope you'll agree that his lungs of steel and gravel fit the bill to a tee • Danny Danzi - many of you will already be aware of Danny's talents both as an incredible musician, and as a master of the studio environment; his offer to help out the CHB has quite obviously been taken up with great enthusiasm! The liner notes, for those interested in that sort of thing: Lyrics: Ed (Bapu) Kocol Music: Steve Strummer Mixed, Mastered and Produced by: Danny Danzi Lead Vocals: Phil “Philz” Doyle Drums: Jonbouy Bass Guitar: Ed (Bapu) Kocol Synths: Alex the Kook Keyboards: Danny Danzi Rhythm Guitars: Steve Strummer Backing Vocals: Danny & Ed Lead breaks: #1 Harmony lead (0:18 ~ 0:31) – Steve #2 Bass Solo – (3:45 ~ 3:58) - Ed #3 Main solo – (4:08 ~ 5:30) - Grant #4 Lead/Harmony lead – (6:06 ~ 6:34) Danny #5 Outro solo – (7:32 ~ 8:07) Danny
Verse 1 Gentlemen we have a dilemma We're on the brink of a terrible ruin We gave this planet one big enema Now, you see, trouble's a brewin’ Let’s get out while the getting is good Laying waste just like we should Verse 2 Time has proved us wrong Thinking this would last forever But now it won’t be very long Board the ship, pull the lever Let’s get out while the getting is good Laying waste elsewhere, just like we should Bridge Those crazy Mayans had it right It's time for us to take our flight Ruin is on its way No time to waste, no time to pray Chorus It’s 2012, Armageddon, outta here Bing’s a coming, have no fear Wasted humans, a waste of time You’ve had yours, now it’s mine. It’s 2012, Armageddon outta here Before we go, have one last cheer We took it all, we had a ball And now it’s time for the final call Some say our greed went too far We don’t give a damn, that’s just who we are Verse 3 Bing is thinking he’ll save this place He’d be foolish for trying though He’ll bring evil's name a disgrace But then again, who the hell knows Let’s get out while the getting is good Laying waste, just like we should Repeat Bridge Repeat Chorus Instrumental Breaks Repeat Bridge Repeat Chorus