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June 15, 2009
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Recording: Oct 30, 2007 at 11:58 PM Member: 1st-SingSnap-Band (harmony) Song: The Reason Artist: Hoobastank About 1 year ago, PaulMasonRECORDING-SUPPORT said: what a Block From The Band ? Hmmmmm dorkis offline About 1 year ago, dorkis said: eye of the tiger was too so i attempted this one. thanks! as always...joo guys rawwkk! silbermond About 1 year ago, silbermondGOLD said: superb.more song to hear from you guys.your bands the best...unique. JohnnyWires offline About 1 year ago, JohnnyWiresGOLD said: LOVE IT!! LOVE IT LOVE IT..... gimmie a few days of beinga bit more sober.. Im gonna tackle it!:-) Frasier About 1 year ago, FrasierGOLD said: Great! My next endeavor! Cheers...Fras! JudithLeah About 1 year ago, JudithLeah said: The guitar playing in this is wonderful..also love in some other songs I have heard the steel guitar! scented_igorota offline About 1 year ago, scented_igorota said: wow..thanks for dropping this site to my page Greg....i found it so fantastic listening to u guys..wish i can sing nwo with u..well, actualy am singing with u now but i can't record as i want to. I am in an internet cafe and can't sing well. Anyway, just added u to my list offavorites and hope to sing with you guys one day..oh i can't wait.. Applauds....well done guys...fantastic job!