SingSnap Positively 4th Street by 1st-SingSnap-B
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Roland Bowman & 1st-singsnap-band
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June 15, 2009
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Recording: May 27, 2008 at 5:25 PM Member: 1st-SingSnap-Band Song: Positively 4th Street Artist: Bob Dylan About 1 year ago, CCoxGOLD said: Sounds Awsome to me***** I'm goina try!!!!! Raspy About 1 year ago, RaspyGOLD said: FABULOUS PLAYING!!! THINK i'LL JOIN YOU ON THIS!!!!! THANKS SO MUCH FOR ALL YOUR HARD WORK!! WE LOVE IT!! rezdogbarking offline About 1 year ago, rezdogbarking said: that was great man I would like to sing it thank you for asking me but right now I can't my pc the mic or sound is not working that good but when I have the time to get it going again I'll hit you up , wtg man this rock I sang along with it and we can do this song for sure max2b About 1 year ago, max2bGOLD said: Wanted to post my version here with ya!! Thanks Bigbopper55 About 1 year ago, Bigbopper55GOLD said: Photobucket brilliant Giutar My friend !!!!!! and thank you for sharing this song Great Job !!!!! MrsBobDylan About 1 year ago, MrsBobDylanPATRON said: This is positively groovin! I will definitely be joining you on this in a few minutes! dylan smoking in diner stevie_21128 offline About 1 year ago, stevie_21128 said: wtg max2b About 1 year ago, max2bGOLD said: Its me again!! I like this song!! jkubler offline About 1 year ago, jkubler said: I'm so going to do this one! Awesome! abbeye offline About 1 year ago, abbeye said: just awsomeeeeeeeeeeeeee guysssssssss hugsssssssssssss ellen Kkubler offline About 1 year ago, Kkubler said: I did this one here is the link, Wow great guitar performance. Kkubler offline About 1 year ago, Kkubler said: I meant Jkubler did this! italianangel About 1 year ago, italianangelGOLD said: italianangel says thanks so much for your listen and comments hugz t FANTASTIC PLAYING scorpio7 offline About 1 year ago, scorpio7 said: Beautiful acoustic! I gave it a shot - Thanks! Sonrisa2U About 1 year ago, Sonrisa2U said: My favorite Dylan tune... Thank you so much! : ) kiki 9 months ago, kikiCONTRIBUTOR said: kiki help make feature page visit car models in feature page section! very nice! Joan_Karen 7 months ago, Joan_KarenGOLD said: WOW....This is Awesome!! I just sang this with you...hope you like it!! Smiles and Hugs....Joanie xo