Last regret
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**BEAT by - short change** a nice little beat, i just wanted to write something to it
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July 17, 2009
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i was just listing to one of my buddy's beat's, and started writting...
Last Regret Expect respect - won't get it - When lacking intelligence - ya Death threats - I don't believe em - ya Flows un-relevant - Repeated pre hesitant - Rhyme base embezzlement - now defeated & beaten - A new emcee - infect them with venom& eat em - while drinking a glass of ice tea - just chillen the vilian - smoking chronic spitin - lyrics hot fluid drippin - possessed demotic daemons in the mirror he's revealing - instantly - his teardrop drippin started to disappear then - he stared tripping - felt the hate - most of his feelings accurate-ed - mirror breaks kid- bad decision - 7 years of bad luck - 7 years on the way - GIVE a f*** - I think I'll wail for another day before i decide to GIVE it up - and if I gotta - scream at the sky- to reach god - then i won't stop until he hears us - but at times I find i lost - my faith praying - trying to delay my death my last breath - I found waitin - this is my last chance my last dance - with Mary Jane - my last regret before Satan