Stuck in West Virginia
The Boy Scouts are coming (to West Virginia). It was the best of times, it was the worst of times...
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May 29, 2014
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Well, I'm stuck in West Virginia living out my days watching 'Almost Heaven' gradually fade away Once this was a quiet place steeped in history before they decided to host a friggin' Jamboree The Boy Scouts are comin' (Yea!) the boy scouts are comin' (yea) the boy scour are comin ' (yes, they are) you gotta understand (if you can) it's all about the land I was drivin' down a country road on a lazy day takin' in the scenery before it goes away Once there were rollin' hills with trees in full leaf before they replaced it all with a giant cloverleaf The Boy Scouts are comin' (Yea!) the Boy Scouts are comin' (Yea!) the Boy Scouts are comin' (a million strong) You gotta understand they're gonna need some space for their parking place Yes, West Virginia West Vir-ginny-ah That's West Virginia Ol' West Vir-ginny-ah That's West Vir-ginny-ah West Vir-ginny-any-any-any-ah