No Matter What
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Song I wrote before BCT, was a little rusty.. been awhile since I recorded anything. Check it out and lemme know what you think.
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March 18, 2012
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Now I done seen tha mountain peak/ an all the valleys in between.../ you'd be surprised what you can achieve/ sim-ply followin dreams... an I'mma be what I set out to be/ achieve what I want in life without these haters/ lookin down on me... Be someone that I'm proud to be/ cause cowardice just don't exist/ in my family tree... we stay strong... endure tha weather/ like Joplin put it back together.../ yeah we soldiers... down for whatever forever... there ain't no holdin us back/ we just accel an get better.../ we keep on flippin, an rippin/ an leavin em pickin they jaws up.../ ya'll ain't ready for us we'll mess you up like some weed wit uh little angel dust.../ so whatchu want?: best believe I don't roll with no punks.../ an MY people are reminders of where I come from..../ until I loose my voice or god takes my breath/ I'm always keep spittin like there ain't nothin left.../ gotta keep goin keep keep truckin/ came to far to turn back..../ I ain't quiet there yet but yanno ya boy he can rap... --------------------------------------------------------- usually the first one to swing../ always the last one to leave.../ i just leave it in gods hands/ an pray he grants me his strength/ I stood strong through the hard times/ never dropped to my knee's / i'll tell ya right now dogi there aint no punk/ in D.C. i'm just another man/ tryna get his hands on this green/ feel like i'm runnin outta breath/ still busy chasin these dreams/ sometimes i feel so close/ but yet so far outta reach/ i'm in the hole an still climbin holdin on by my teeth i'm like a shooting star here for a moment then gone once in uh life time that gypsy blood runs deep hard to stay in one place thats why i stay on my feet already knee deep in bull sh** so f*** whatchu think I'm doitn ME... gettin MINE/ Just sayin whats on my MIND/ these punks try to tear me down/ an I just stand there an smile.../