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The older I get the less I know. The more I study the less I understand. The more I dream the more I drink. The more I drink the more I dream. !! Dangerous Life !! Not really. Original songfile 1989 - headphones recommended.
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March 29, 2009
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Johannes Breeuwsma © Zu Dir
a younger woman living down the stream where the water gets so cold meets the darkness heaven told she walks near the water impatiently and watches them all pass by these rainbows in the sky the immortal thunder holds a scream and turns its face away for a woman is here to stay so many woods now on the scene and the wilderness am I holdin' the winds holdin' the ties someday when rivers falling dry that is when December passes by someday the river dies when falling dry that is when December passes by the water being the coldest stream is raging in all its dirt on the riverbank red alert the immortal thunder lettin' go a scream coming down to the ground no mercy to be found and all the woods now they bow their heads and the wilderness am I lettin' go the winds lettin' go the ties - chorus - a younger woman on the border dreams dawning age in vain little angel - tear my shame and take me across my sunday crimes to the seldom lights of time maybe once - then decline - chorus -