Cyanide Ocean
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Slowly evolving piece. Me acting like Dylan, Young, Seeger, Guthrie and a zillion others. Specific theme ( for what it's worth ; as if you should care ) : stop polluting our oceans. Headphones recommended. Original songfile - 1990.
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March 22, 2009
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Johannes Breeuwsma © Zu Dir
we are oil on seas killing life where it all should remain you can ask the winds flyin' in fear dressed up for the drain this haunted life is trailing us beyond the rules of the game down to the bottom of the wells in black God, we feel no shame while our own lifes hit and run towards their final frames our oceans hit and run horizon left in flames I say forever taste the water Cyanide Ocean it is mine bathing birds cover their skins in the darkness breeds despair you can ask the waves lyin' in fear a still life, hard to bear oh fly my son says the ancient bird to its dying little one but despite its wings it is forced to lie God, in tears undone - chorus - too bad the fish too bad the plankton their dying is a relief you can ask any human disturbing life disconnecting any grief we trade in water we deal in fish it's time now to pay the rent we're out of green we're out of blue God, from heaven sent - chorus - life in general is aging fast faster than it's built you can ask any lawyer runnin' for waters pleading guilt deep down the sea where a still born child on resting rolling stones when the flood comes pounding citizens howling God, including thrones - chorus -