Our Old Bones
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March 19, 2019
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D Kaul © millionubbemmusic corp BMI 2019
We’ve awakened here….out of stardust Floating round and round the sun…. all alone Life’s been gathering …through the eons Finally resting in this… only place we’ve known In the dark of night …. we can see our past Watch our world still being born Taking refuge in this place we call home In the end all that remains …is our old Bones Thinking back in time… through the ages Four thousand years of war…on these lands Our Salvation here… Has not been easy We had to fight our way …with our bare hands Standing here I feel the sun …upon my face Looking over all these fields we’ve grown A thousand years from now … all will be gone And In the end all that remains …is our old Bones Destiny is never ..written into stone Life’s a long hard road… as we all know Are you with me brother Christian Lets plant these seeds so they can grow So tomorrow no one … remembers our name It’s not our choice to be well known We’ll live our lives here as our fathers did before And In the end all that remains…is our old Bones