Happily Ever Over
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Energetic pop tune with attitude, female vocal, power chorus
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February 04, 2010
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Boutros & D'agostino
HAPPILY EVER OVER (Boutros, D'Agostino) You stole my heart when you kissed me Then turned around and dissed Me Yeah Now I know I'm done dreaming and pretending My fairy tale ending, Is gonna show So I'm just gonna turn the page Step into a brand new day CHORUS: I'm happily ever over you Don't need to fit in that glass shoe Any longer, No no no You better listen cause Happily ever over means I get my life, you get to leave Cause I'm stronger, on my own Why try to make up an excuse when I caught her texting you and You tried to lie Don't make promises you can't keep Why even hit the send key We're so flat-lined So find your white horse, take a ride Pack up all your alibis CHORUS You better listen cause BRIDGE: Learned my lesson, now I know That once upon a time means you don't Ever look back Once your broken heart learns that CHORUS You better listen cause Happily ever over you