Think About You
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Melodic pop/country song with powerful melody, stand-out chorus, male vocal, soaring chorus, in the style of Rascal Flatts and others.
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March 17, 2010
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Warren Boutros
THINK ABOUT YOU (Boutros) I watch this quiet street, the rain is coming down I hate this stupid town And the emptiness I feel I light a cigarette and pour another glass Trying hard to just look past Every memory Watching you walk away was just too much to bear, I tell myself that I don't care but I can't lie, all I do is CHORUS: Think about you I dream about you I'm lost without you How am I supposed to live when you still Haunt my nighttime There ain't no right time To get on with my life And all I do Is think about you I took down your pictures from the wall but that don't help I'm a shadow of myself And I can't move on The stillness in this house is like a ton of lead There's a cold space in my bed And the nights too damn long My friends, they take me out and say I'll be ok , but I still see your face Everywhere I go and all I do CHORUS BRIDGE: How did it get this far We used to swear forevermore Now all I have left is the memory of your kiss And this pain I can't escape CHORUS