I Fall In Love With You Again
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Beautiful singer/songwriter vibe with great melody and mellow laid back vibe
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February 04, 2010
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Warren Boutros
I FALL IN LOVE WITH YOU AGAIN (Boutros) Blue Eyed Girl Wild flower in your hair Dancing by the water Your sundress waves In breezy summer air I just smile and watch you Just be yourself baby, I can't help it CHORUS: I fall in love with you again I fall in love with you over and over I fall in love with you again I fall in love Seasons change, with the sands of time It's the end of summer Fire's glow in cool October nights, And we warm each other Beneath these stars baby, we're heart to heart and I CHORUS BRIDGE: Like the first time I felt your breath With you laying on my chest I'm so grateful you’re my angel And It never fails , no you never fail me CHORUS