Todays The Day
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Bright vibrant melodic guitar/vocal song that embraces change and the joy of life and a fresh start. Female vocal
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June 21, 2009
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TODAY'S THE DAY (Boutros) There's a sparkle in the morning, I'm in love with being alive I got this sunny feeling I been missing for a long time Like that first crush of the summer When you just turn 17 I'm skipping pebbles and dreaming dreams Skies are blue and that's fine with me well CHORUS: Today's the day Turning a bright new page Smiling that long lost smile again Watching the clouds roll away into something beautiful I've been through the rain And I let it get me down Oh but that's over now Yea Today's the day It's been a long stormy winter but I'm alright I'm like a wild flower ready to bloom in the Blue Ridge Mountain springtime And now, sure as the sunshine's The sad days are gone A warm breeze is blowing my way My heart is new and my spirit's strong , well CHORUS BRIDGE: We all love and live and learn Sometimes it's hard to close old doors But in my heart I made my choice I ain't looking back anymore CHORUS