In An Instant
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Uplifting female vocal power ballad, soaring chorus
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November 21, 2012
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3:35 minutes
Warren Boutros, Jon D'agostino, Kaitlyn Pope
IN AN INSTANT (Boutros, D'agostino, Pope) He carved our names into a heart On those high school bleachers Then tore our perfect world apart That summer night I caught him cheating For so long I was afraid to dream It seemed so crazy To think I'd ever love again My life became so ordinary PRE: Till that day I saw your smile And my heart told me That hiding in your eyes Was the rest of my life CHORUS: In an instant Life can change Broken pieces mend again And suddenly You find a new beginning Yeah, In an instant Love was mine Found my once upon a time Just waiting there for me Boy you set me free In an instant Now you're my blue sky everyday My evening starshine That summer breeze that blows my way Making each moment last a lifetime PRE: Every single slow and tender kiss Tastes like forever Yeah once I'm in your arms Yesterday is gone (CHORUS) BRIDGE: Like a lightening bolt across the night The flicker of a firefly Or a snapshot of a perfect time and place Sometimes that's all it takes (2nd half of CHORUS)