Changing Up The Game
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Powerhouse hip, fresh pop song with powerful attitude and edge, female vocal
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July 01, 2011
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Warren Boutros, Tara Ortiz
CHANGIN' UP THE GAME (Warren Boutros & Tara Ortiz )   CHORUS: Changin' Up the Game Breaking rules along the way It's just me and the music, that's way I do it You gonna know my name Baby I'm here to stay It's just me and the music, that's way I do it   VERSE 1: I'm not the average chick, no this isn't what you think I can kick it with the boys glam it up with all the girls Gonna hit you hard gonna make you lose control From London to New York drop the beat here we go. PRE: You’ve never seen what I’m about to show ya I got the moves that'll make you stare I’m gonna make your world come alive   (CHORUS)   VERSE 2:  Im doing things my way staying true to who I am Once I let you in hit-by-hit you'll be my biggest fan No gimmicks and no lies I make music from my heart Yea the underdog is here the INVALID s about to start   PRE: You’ve never seen what I’m 'bout to show ya Come follow me I’ll take you into my world Be prepared I’m a superstar So turn the speakers up   (CHORUS)   BRIDGE: This is an invasion Sexy sweet persuasion We're the rebel nation On the beat, hit the streets, catch me if you can Catch me if you can   (CHORUS)