It's All Good
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Laid back feel-good love song, male vocal, in the style of Zac Brown Band
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July 14, 2011
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IT'S ALL GOOD (Warren Boutros, Simon Kirke) CHORUS: It's all good because I've got you in my life It's all good come rain or shine And I would not change a moment if I could I got you girl, and it's all good VERSE: Sometimes I battle through the working day I don't let it get me down in anyway I know tonight I'm coming home to you n' that's what gets me through This world is crazy and we Gotta work to make it It's an uphill fight But baby that's alright CHORUS VERSE: We don't have a mansion sitting on a hill We still have to struggle just to pay our bills But in your arms my worries seem to melt away Love grows everyday I love the way the starlight Dances In your eyes, just Knowing that you're mine It keeps my world alive CHORUS BRIDGE: Let the world fall apart around us I don't care what's on the evening news Long as we have each other We can chase away all those blues CHORUS