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This Song Is About What Happens When You Miss Your Flight To Sunny Montego Bay Jamaica And You Have To Make The Best Of It!
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January 27, 2009
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2:22 minutes
Joe Bailey/Young Tez © yes
Story behind the song
Two Guys Are Going To Board a Flight To Montego Bay, Jamaica One Guys Passport Has Expired The Other Guys Continues On The Trip.Both Guys Correspond By Cellphone All Of The Details.
Sitting In My Drive Way Waiting For This Girl To COme My Way. Cause There Is No Guarantee That True Love Will Find Us Today. So I Wonder And I Hope And Pray. She Loves The Things That I Choose To Say. As I Hold All My Feelings At Bay. Cause Around Her Im Nervous And Afraid. Rap> Chilling In Montego Bay Watching Sexy LAdies Come My Way. Anita, Bonita, Soleil One Of These Ladies Will Be Mine Today. And Just As I Looked Away,She Turned Around And Asked Me My Name. A Stewardess From Air Jamaica Told Me That Me That I Was Her Hearrbreaker. Rap> 2x I Want You To Ride With Me, Be With Me, Roll With Me. Girl I Want You To Stay With Me, Stay With Me