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Being Blessed About Biblical Truth In Jah & Moving On!
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January 20, 2009
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7:19 minutes
Joe Bailey words/Ganjah Band music © yes
Story behind the song
(Original Song)The Story Of This Song Is How Life Journey Can Be Difficult And Ruff But You Have To Perservere! Stay Focused & JAh Will Guide I & I Thru Anything!
2x Woo E Wooo woo WOo 2x Trodding Thru These Roads Of Babylon I Say I Have To Keep My Head On Strong. 2x Like Sedrach, Meshach, & Abinigo For The Love Of JAh I Will Walk Thru The Fire too 2x You See The Race Is For The Swift And Not For The Fast, And Only For He That Endure To Last 2x Like Moses Parted The Red Sea Youthman Put Your Faith In Jah Jah The Allmighty, The Vatican Lies To You & Me Keeping The Truth Lockdown Eternally 2x Woo e woo wo wo wo wo wo wo Come Dance me Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah yeh yeh yeh Listen To Me Now Ya Gotta Be Good Ya Gotta Be Strong Ya Gotta Be Wiser Ya Gotta Be Tuff Ya Gotta Strong Ya Gotta Stay Together As Long As You Love The Songs That Hear The We Are Playing Baltimore All I Know Is Ganjah Makes A Way. Rap 2x WOoo Woo wo wo wo wo Come Dance With Me Now Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeh yeh yeh yeh