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Lately is about a guy who is trying to get with a special lady and he is telling her about her great qualities he see's in her.
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Upload date
January 18, 2009
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MP3 3.4 MB, bitrate 128 kbps.
3:45 minutes
Joe Bailey words/chemist music © yes
Story behind the song
Lately was motivated by when guys go out to the club and meet a particular girl and she is so fine that they have a lost for words.These are some of the things most guys would like to say and some forget.
Lately Lately Lately Lately 2x Lately Ive been watching you and I cant,Get you off my mind and its driving me crazy. Your smile Your eyes allways keeps me locked in Tonight Tonight Tonight Rap 1x Baby When Im With you everything is popping, When Your not with me nothing seems to happen, Your Swagger is so high,It turns me on baby Tonight Tonight Tonight Rap (Bridge) Come on baby and let me take you by the hand And show you that Im your one & only man Come On Baby there's no place that we can't go Just follow me baby,Lets take it nice and slow Come On Baby just let your feelings grow And Dont Let go! Dont Let Go! Dont You Let Me Go