Mustang Wild and Free
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This is a song about wild women and horses
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January 05, 2009
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Dan Spechtenhauser © 2009 (c) All Rights Reserved
Story behind the song
This song is a collaboration I did with Rotund, Joshua001, Stymie, and PooterPaty. If you are a guitarist, drummer or singer. Check out Riffworld. about the song: I wrote this while going thru a divorce.. I used to just love them wild women - but after getting my heart stomped on a few to many times, I got over that. =) Rotund rewrote the last verse, sang, produced and alll around worked his arse off on this song so I am giving him co-songwriting credit.
When I was a younger man, I thought I knew it all but there is one thing I didnt know no.. Its what love can do to your soul Once I met a lovely lady, quite a beauty most would say I gave her all my lovin, but she took my heart away Mustang wild and free, easy to love, but hard to tame Mustang wild and free ya, easy to love but hard to tame Once I listened to a wise man, and the stories which he sang. Telling of how a horse and woman, can be quite the same. listen close to my story, when your out there on a roll keep your eyes off the wild ones, because theres no doubt, they will steal your soul