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November 16, 2008
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Crystal Senter Brown/ Music by Salvations Arm-E © 2009
Story behind the song
This song is about having an affair on your lunch break :-)
Lunchtime often finds us intertwined dining on flesh/ falling in lust on fire we were not hired to do this job our 9 to 5's require much less than this but the slight touch of your lips on my lips spins me round and soon, we tumble to the ground with nothing left, but this erotically, you are my everything not the stability that marriage brings we don't run Saturday morning errands or assemble backyard swings but you speak sweet things in my ear reducing me to a school-girl whisper, thinking no one can hear but i will not grow old with you this much i know is most certainly true at least my heart is in the right place which is how I ended up on the floor of your rented place your face next to mine, we run out of time and i arrive back at our front desk nervously smoothing my hair lunch money still in pocket with 7 minutes to spare...