Back in Arkansas NOT the USSR StereoPhoneTm parody
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Back in the USSR parody song in MONSTEREOtm? No. StereoPhonetm. RockyWright & CountreeJackandtheBeagles Only $0.75 per song (random free download) or $7.77 an album. All rights reserved. (c)copyright 2019 Rocky Wright
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February 04, 2019
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MP3 2.3 MB, bitrate 128 kbps.
2:31 minutes
Rocky Wright parody © 2019
Story behind the song
UPDATE NEWS This Im too sexy parody is by right said fred in AGUASTEREOtm unless you have mono (not the kissing disease) This song is also in stereo now, BUT i have a version i will sell to only one person (its a new years remix party version for the outrageous price of $333.33 . I am being serious. Contact me at and I will set it up, you download it, and nobody else has it. It chimes in at 3 minutes and 33 seconds, and I will throw in a second version plus a bizzare intro. If somebody buys the cassette cover which is actually posted then I will free up all songs for 33 days. I'm not kidding. Bless you, and support artists that you like. ((:) Keep smiling, +rocky+ MO7S, RockyWright & CountreeJackandtheBeagles Only $0.75 per song (some random free download) or $7.77 an album. All rights reserved. (c)copyright 2019 Rocky Wright GIDEEup can be found now which is comedy, karaoke, and comedy rolled up into skits with an ocasional different version of a song. This page you are reading is new as of 2/2019 and the ransom proving photo without even having to hold up today's news paper is a New Years photo shoot by Mama Yahtzee not PapaRazzi over for the holidays. TRUE story... My wife is gonna freak when she meets me! Cheers, Rocky