Twisted Sister Just saw you naked Rocky&Wendi1976
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twisted sister parody were not gonna take it. with Wendi, me, and friends from 1976. Good portion to a good cause. $7.77 an album. All rights reserved. (c)copyright 2019 Rocky Wright
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February 18, 2019
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Rocky Wright parody © 2019
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The microphone I sing into should be the only one connected to our house. If you will not relent then...Bless you. This song is classic, but the recording samples are personal and protected so A Lot of shaking is still going on. Buy the album for only $7.77. Until tommorow. Cheers, Rocky Rock McEsher is the character that remixes and mixes. Yo yo walking the cradle which went the way of spinners. Cheers, Rocky Wright FLASHBACK is a protest album. It is my least favorite as I did the album in a day or two without much thought to cleaning up the mess I did not make. I dont blame Jesses Girl parody either. 99 red balloons parody was already made as well, but neither had an album so they went on FLASHBACK. Forgiveness is easier, but not too many people can see their own fault. Who is not judged by anyone? It is an easy answer. Forgive and live. And we all dont want to be seen naked anymore... Cheers, +Rocky+ I protest this protest album so you can get Flashback album for $3.33 or the Bester album volume III for $7.77....A good portion goes to a good cause. Or download free and share with friends. Twisted Sister parody from FLASHBACK album. All rights reserved Copyright (c)2019 I do not recommend mocking this, and No more illegal sampling. The Feds are watching, and there are those even higher. Have a great day, and ((:) "Right said fred parody of im too sexy" - Rocky aka ROX And now the sayings of the year... "The song there has been sped up and slowed down with a nice balance that turns your knobs to 12 which is 1 more than spinal tap 's 11, and its where the balance is...straight up." Wan Jane Thats CB4 being factual, and not just hip to slang. I donut know a chuff, but seen cloud chasing which us old beatnicks call it freight training daddio. Only qualified store assistants know this lingo. I will stick to the virginia and honeydew with my good friend Dr. WhatsOn" Shurerox Home ''Keep on truckin with pacman fever Holmes. There are some things a dictionary cannot define. You gotta be there" +Babe Lincoln "Jolly good show old chap"-Dr. WhatsOn This Im too sexy parody is free, but only in right said fred ear unless you have mono (not the kissing disease) MO7S, RockyWright & CountreeJackandtheBeagles Only $0.75 per song (some random free download) or $7.77 an album. All rights reserved. (c)copyright 2019 Rocky Wright "A good portion goes to a good cause so lets get it!"ROX Read the I'm too Texan backstory on "You,you,you,you,you...." me ((:) Keep smiling, +rocky+