Farmville & Tofu Turkey CountreeJack&Beagles
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Parody of Brooks and Dunn AND Jimmy Buffet (30 minutes later... hungry) (some random free download) or $7.77 an album. All rights reserved. (c)copyright 2019 Rocky Wright
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January 21, 2019
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Rocky Wright parody © 2019
Story behind the song
Tofurkey is the other name for the Tofu turkey song. This song has the UFO ending hotline number where you can listen to an old jam, and even leave a message, but dont leave a mess. Regards, +rocky+ PS+ Madmusic has the full Farmville song from a few archive podcasts as a free tip to you f or simply reading this post script PS thingamajigger. You might have to join the whatchamacallit site, and sign in with your doohickey, but at least dont get it caddywompus! (: Thanks for your support....+rocky+ (c)copyright 2019 Rocky Wright Rock McEsher is the character that remixes and mixes. Yo yo walking the cradle which went the way of spinners. Cheers, Rocky Wright "A good portion goes to a good cause so lets get it!"ROX Read the I'm too Texan backstory on