MoonLight Lullaby
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November 17, 2015
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Take a flight In the Night Reach high A-bove Gather the moon light Make me your Love When you’re nigh Angels fly Singing God’s Song Lift us on High Bring us a long. Why must the stars glow Sparkling in your eyes? Why must your hair flow Up into the skies? -------------------------- Moonlight lullaby Make our spirits fly, Take us up on High Moonlight lullaby Take a train Round the bend Tunnel(s) below/of love Light shines a new End I love you so Play the park After dark Swing on a Star! Sway in the moon-light Close to my heart. Where did your Love go Far into the night How can I hold you? Close to me beside? Dream a-Live Way up high Glories above Stars in the night sky Showing your love Heavens/Cherubs Sing Beckoning Stay for the show! (for awhile) Angels descend (ing: / for) Your love (ag-low / -ing smile) Why must the clouds roll? Rocking when you’re nigh? When will your love grow/hold True love abide/arise