Army of the Lord (TruckerMusic Collab)
TruckerMusic, DanziLand, Vicent, That Heavenly Choir
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September 30, 2011
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TruckerMusic (Clifford) © Yes
Story behind the song
Clifford wrote groove and lyrics for several producers to collaborate on: TruckerMusic, Danziland, That Heavenly Choir, and Vicent Philip covers this version. Danny provides backing and counters.
The Army of the Lord They fight with you and me Together we all go through eternity We're fighting side by side in the power of the blood As it washes over you and it washes over me. Victory will be ours and Angels will sing Man will be free and the devil will see The Glory is to Thee Show us your sword in the Army of the Lord Yea I wanna be with you Lord See what you see Lord Be with you, see with you, hear with you, Feel with you, touch with you, smell with you Wash over me Lord Hold me Show me Everything is Yours Lord Your Power and Grace ... Alls you need to do is show us your face Bring us your peace and Toil will cease ... And Justice released Give us some more in the Army of the Lord The Army of the Lord What an awesome sight to see Its here in the brotherhood And our Vic-to-ry Once you are inside You will come to know Its the blessings of the Lord that only he can show The Army of the Lord Its the only place for me A place of beauty and tranquility Its open to all to spend eternity Get us onboard in the Army of the Lord