Look Ahead
Warning:Explicit Lyrics (F**k said a few times)
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March 11, 2009
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Michael Gremillion © Michael Gremillion
Story behind the song
I wrote this at work. Had the guitar riff in my head and grabed a pen and went at it. As time went on I had ideas about what sounds I wanted for an intro/middle section. At first I wanted crowd noise as the intro. So I grabbed a movie and was intending to get crowd sounds from it. But I came across what you hear now. I thought it fit the song perfectly. Then the middle. I wanted to have sounds of several people arguing. Then one day as I was sitting there with Dina I asked her if she would help me do some recording. She agreed and I wrote some stuff for us to say that I planed on recording hoping that I could make something out of it. Well it didn't go at all like I wanted and everything that we did/recorded was useless. So, instead I had the idea of having her just stand up there by the mike and look off in the distance and think about all the stuff that made her mad and just let it rip. Well it was better than I could have planed! As you can hear.
On a job from 6 to 6 I got a tune running through my head Got some plans of making some tracks before I go to bed. But when I get home I got to deal with a family. They just want me by their side they've been wait'n all day for me. I don't need this s**t Why don't ya get off my back Leave me the **** alone And I got this tune Running through my head Hope I get some time to get these feelings out Sometimes it gets me down but I just look ahead I just look ahead, look ahead, look ahead Been a couple a weeks since I held a guitar in my hand I go to work, clean the house, fix the car, it never ends But tonight I'll be alone and I'll have the house all to myself It's gonna feel real good to let it rip And fry some tubes again. **** dem neighbors Let 'em call the cops I'll play as loud as I want Chorus Chorus And I play these songs to an empty room Not really sure why I try so f**k'n hard It's not like I'm ever really ever gonna go somewhere I just look ahead, look ahead, look ahead. Gotta stay focused Keep my eye on the prize