Ode To A Bar Bands Wife (That's Why I Play)
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July 01, 2008
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Michael Gremillion © Michael Gremillion
Story behind the song
I had the rhythm riff for years. And I knew one day I would make it a song. Before I would play a gig I would practice at the house while the wife got fixed up/ready to go with me to the gig. As I was sitting there playing the rhythm riff, I started to sing the words you hear. It all came at one time. The whole song is a true story. I wanted to try and explain to my wife why I did what I do. All the effort that I put out and get very little money, just didn't make sense to her. The next story to this song is this is the very fist song that I recorded with a computer. I must have did four or five versions of the song. I was learning the software, keeping the computer running,learning how to record, I mean it was monumental for me!! So I kept saying after finishing a version I would say I can do this song better now that I know how to do this and that!!!And after the last version I was about to start a new version again when my son said "Dad, that's it. It's finished!" And he was correct. And after listening to the song versions again. I decided to put out version three. Which is this version here.
It’s quarter to four in the morning. There’s sweat dripping off my brow. The crowd was good tonight but it’s time to pick it up for now. I look around and wonder what am I doing this for. And then my heart pounds, I remembered the roar I look over to you and I can see that your really tired. And when our eyes met your face lit up and you just smiled. The sun’s been up for an hour and we’re just rolling in. The feeling I get when I play my songs. Make me want to do it again. That’s why I play. I had a hard time at work and you waited for me all day. We hugged and kiss for a while and you tell me you wish I would stay. But you know I will leave you, I have to practice for my next gig. It’s happened over and over and jobs we get are not that big. I just feel I have to be my best and it hurts to see you cry. I don’t understand why I leave you, it’s just something inside. That’s why I play. I’ve been through a lot in my life and I’ve always had this one dream. Of seeing myself beating all these odds, that’s stopping me. And I could never do this without your support and your love. And the more I think of it girl your surely a gift from above. Cause you were there cheering me on when others laughed and walked out on me. I will never forget you Dina. Your everything that I need. And I will keep on playing my music it’s something that I must do. But every song that I sing I will be singing it just for you. That’s why I play